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Big Bash Color Dash

A 5K family friendly fun walk/run for all ages and fitness levels. You won’t want to miss exciting “color explosions”, activities for families, food and drink, and a live DJ.
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So what’s so big about the “Big Bash Color Dash”?

“Only everything”, says Samantha Gladdish from F&CP’s HANDS program. “Getting out for a walk is not just exercise but a chance to spend time with my husband and little girl”, she explains. Samantha adds, “My mom and dad and the rest of our family have started walking too and a color dash is such a super way to get everyone together”.

Besides family fun, the color dash has another important bonus. According to Samantha, “The really cool thing is, we all walk way more in a color dash than we would normally and we don’t even notice because we’re having so much fun. There’s tons of excitement to it”.

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“Tomy Baker Molloy, F&CP’s PAL Coalition Coordinator is a fitness veteran. In addition to regular boot camp workouts, Tomy runs in more than ten events a year and has participated in a number of color dashes. Tomy says, “A color dash is such a different 5K experience”. She goes on, “It’s open to everyone, all ages and fitness levels and it’s not at all about competition. It’s festive and fun with colors going everywhere”. Tomy’s advice: “If you’re looking for a super-fun day with the family or a couple friends, I can’t think of a better way to do it”. Sign up now for the September 20th Big Bash Color Dash at

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