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An ancient Chinese proverb says, “An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break.”

The thread in this story starts with Alicia Davis. Alicia is a Clearance Store Manager at Court Furniture. One Sunday night, a CBS 60 Minutes report about homelessness literally hit home. She explained, “I saw the show and I kept thinking, ‘what can I do to share my blessings? ’and I literally could not get it out of my mind.”


Alicia’s thread connects to Natalie Harris. The 60 Minutes website connected Alicia to Natalie Harris, Executive Director for the Coalition for the Homeless (COH) in Louisville. “Alicia was so passionate and so inspired. She had a great idea for a needed resource for used furniture and bedding. It was a definite connection,” Natalie remembers.


Natalie’s thread connects to Jennifer Clark.

F&CP Family Stabilization Program Manager, Jennifer Clark worked with Natalie on a collaborative project for 30 resident placements through HUD Continuum of Care. As soon as Natalie finished speaking with Alicia, she called Jennifer Clark and made the connection. Jennifer remembers, “We work so hard to get people a residence but that’s only half the battle. When I was connected with Alicia and Cort’s offer to help us I couldn’t believe it.” She explains, “The majority of the people needing housing have nothing; no furniture, no dishes, no bedding, no towels—nothing.” F&CP’s Resource Development staff secured storage space at Walnut Street Baptist Church. Volunteers helped move purchased and donated household items to storage in advance of the move.

1 Alicia & Jennifer
2 Walnut Street Baptist Church
storage 1
storage 2

“Jennifer connects Alicia’s thread to Delores. Jennifer’s team at F&CP brought new residents to Cort where they selected furniture items with their allowance. Alicia Davis remembers, “I met a woman about my age with kids about my children’s age and they’d been in a shelter for almost a year and I thought, ‘that could be me’. What would I do if that were me?”


Delores and her sons were in a shelter for over eight months. They asked to move in to their new housing before there were any household items in the apartment. “We were happy to sleep on the floor, just to be safe, together and in our own space. No one can imagine being in a shelter, staying in a place, day and night surrounded by people you don’t know and you have nothing of your own. We left with only the clothes on our backs.”

Cort delivered the furniture but Delores’ couch wouldn’t fit through the door. They took it back to the store and delivered another couch that fit and beds that got the family off the floor. Delores says, “Everybody was so good that you’ve just got to believe all that good will give us a chance to make it.” Alicia Davis puts it this way, “We never know how blessed we are until we can share our blessings with someone else…and that’s a blessing that’s bigger than you will ever imagine.”


Delores’ thread connects to you. Let your thread be the good that gives someone a chance to make it.

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