Facts and Statistics

2016 by the numbers

Last year, nearly 3,100 families (more than 5,800 children and adults) benefited from professional counseling, support, and treatment at Family & Children’s Place. Average family income for families helped was $14,049 (FY16)

Scope of service

  • F&CP serves children and families in Kentucky and Indiana
  • The service area comprises three counties in Indiana and eight counties in Kentucky (34 ZIP Codes in Jefferson County alone)
  • F&CP has two offices in Indiana, in New Albany and Jeffersonville, and two offices in Louisville, in Old Louisville and Shively.
  • Leads outreach for April, Child Abuse Prevention Month, with partners, including Kosair Charities and the Face It Movement
  • Utilizes Kentucky Medicaid as a payer source for therapy services

Stable families

  • Family Stabilization Program (FSP) provided 8,338 service hours.
  • FSP workers served 292 households, comprising 338 people.
  • Through FSP, 98 percent of families completed cost of living plans leading to self-sufficiency.
  • In all, 100 percent of FSP families have a plan to sustain safe and secure housing.
  • More than 50 percent of FSP-served families reduced their debt and more than 25 percent increased assets.


  • Family & School Services (FSS) provided 1,537 service hours.
  • Through FSS, 83 percent of children served improved their social skills.
  • In all, 77 percent of FSS children improved in reading, math or science.
  • Nearly 84 percent of students built competencies and life skills.
  • FSS average age 12

Safe and secure families

  • HANDS completed 11,156 home visits vs. 8,494 in 2015.
  • HANDS served 770 families, comprising 1,636 individuals
  • Through HANDS, 96 percent of assisted families did not experience abuse or neglect.
  • Nearly 90 percent of babies were born with a healthy birth weight.
  • In all, 96 percent of babies achieved developmental milestones.
  • Through Child & Family Services, 87 percent of those receiving mental health services made progress toward goals.
  • In all, 93 percent of CFS families improved functioning in mental health.
  • The Kosair Charities Child Advocacy Center (KCCAC) earned National Children’s Alliance re-accreditation and was named among the nation’s seven best.
  • The KCCAC completed 1,037 forensic interviews and 99 medical examinations.
  • Among children helped by our Kosair Charities Child Advocacy Center, 94 percent felt safe, and 99 percent found the center pleasant and friendly.
  • The PAL Coalition provided 11 mental health first aid trainings for 252 participants.

Startling statistics

  • Kentucky ranks 41st in general child welfare.
  • In 2015, nine Kentucky children died from abuse or neglect and 41 suffered life-threatening injuries at the hands of adults — totally preventable events.
  • Nationwide, one in six boys and one in four girls will be sexually abused by the age of 18.
  • Experts report that every $1 spent on prevention and early intervention saves $4 in long-term costs.