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download_edited-1Wondering what to do with your old magazines? Once read, you can donate them to the Kosair Charities Child Advocacy Center, which uses the periodicals in its observation and waiting rooms. The KCCAC uses different types of magazines for each space, so magazines for families and specifically for children are very helpful. Questions, email

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  1. I have many magazines for donation. it is in very good condition. how could I arrange for pick up from Falls Church VA.

  2. As a Louisville, Ky.-based agency, we have no means to pick up the mentioned items. Perhaps you might check with community serving agencies in the Falls Church area that could benefit from your gift. Thank you for the offer and email.

  3. Hello, I have many, many magazines to donate to someone. Most are craft and jewelry making related. Would you be interested in these?

  4. Thank you for your very generous offer, but we are looking for children’s issue magazines for our clients. Thank you again.

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