Family Stabilization Services

imagejpeg_0Family Stabilization Services provides case management for families in Permanent Supported Housing, Rapid Re-Housing and for individuals leaving prison, a mental health institution or foster care. Through goal-oriented case management, staff provides crisis intervention and helps individuals and families develop their own plan to become stable, self-sufficient and remain in safe housing.

  • Rapid Re-Housing: Time-limited assistance with rent for families who have become homeless, mostly for economic reasons (job loss, bankruptcy, prolonged illness.) Our case management services help families rebuild through assistance with budgeting, employment and an individual housing plan focused on keeping their housing.
  • Permanent Supported Housing: Housing and case management for homeless families and individuals with a disability in the household. Housing and case management continue for as long as needed. Case management focuses on increasing income, improving quality of life and maintaining housing.
  • The Homeless Prevention Program: Case management is available to anyone exiting Central State, prison or foster care and returning to or residing in Metro Louisville. Services are provided pre- and post-release. Case management can help secure housing, transportation, employment and other services. However, the program doesn’t provide housing or direct financial assistance.

Homeless families needing assistance should contact the Coalition for the Homeless Single Point of Entry/Bed One Stop Office at 502-637-2337. All referrals for Rapid Re-Housing or Permanent Supported Housing are made by through the Common Assessment Team, which can be reached at 502-773-3811.

Individuals being released from state institutions who would like case management through the Homeless Prevention Program should contact Elizabeth Cooper at or 502-893-3900, ext. 2333. Personnel from state institutions that would like to refer clients to the Homeless Prevention Program can also contact Cooper.

Property owners wanted

We also are looking for property owners willing to work with us to help families that are homeless or at risk of homelessness to find safe, permanent housing.

Benefits to a property owner include:

  • On-time monthly payments from a dedicated funding source.
  • Committed case management with the goal of housing stability.
  • Support from a housing specialist.
  • A source of ongoing referrals for open units.

But there are benefits to the family as well, including a safe, affordable place to live. A chance to be self-sustainable, to build a life for themselves and their children, and studies show that children do better – in school and in life – if they have a safe place to live.

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