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Emojis may help kids communicate abuse

Emojis, small, digital images or icons used to express an idea or emotion have come a long way since the days of using a colon and close paragraph symbol to electronically express a smile.  And where they once were pretty lighthearted, today they are taking a more serious tone on much more serious subjects – violence and abuse. BRIS, a Swedish nonprofit, has created an app – Abused Emojis – it views as a tool to help children seek help in dangerous situations and report abuse. The set of 15 emojis represent abuse victims – hear-no-evil, see-no-evil monkeys convey upset; […]

Solving youth and child homelessness

Child and youth homelessness is a puzzle we have to solve! Here’s a well-written and troubling report from The Huffington Post: http://tinyurl.com/qyohqlb By Jean-Michel Giraud CEO, Friendship Place Child and youth homelessness is a complicated puzzle, one that many towns and cities around the country are still struggling to solve. Part of the problem: What makes child and youth homelessness different from the adult phenomenon is itself an elusive quality. Although the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has included underage youth in its annual Point-In-Time study in the last two years, the number counted remains inaccurately low, pointing to […]

Supervise children near water

Because young children are quick and curious, and because they can drown in as little as two inches of water, parents, guardians and caregivers need to provide constant supervision around water. Infants and toddlers are the most vulnerable, but older children are at risk, too, in bathtubs, swimming pools, the lake, even the toilet bowl and water-filled buckets around the home. There are some simple rules you can follow that will help protect children when they are in or near any water: Never leave a child alone near water, even for a few seconds – to answer the phone, doorbell, […]

Minimum wage not enough to afford even modest housing

The “national housing wage” – the hourly wage a person working 40 hours per week would need to earn to afford a modest, two-bedroom rental unit – is $19.35, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC). That figure, at nearly three times the federal minimum wage, means that a minimum wage earner would need to work 86 hours weekly to afford a one-bedroom apartment, and 107 hours per week to afford a two-bedroom apartment. More, according to the NLIHC’s “Out of Reach 2015” report, there is no state in the U.S. where someone earning the minimum wage can […]

Saying goodbye and hello

Family & Children’s Place had a bittersweet celebration recently, saying goodbye to Paris Wright, case manager for the Homelessness Prevention Pilot Project (HPPP), but welcoming her successor, Dominique Younger, who will build on her great work. Pictured here, from left, are Quentin Childers, of Family Stabilization Services, Paris and Dominique. Paris’ husband had another opportunity in another state, so while we will miss her, we wish them both well, and we are delighted Dominique is a part of the family here at Family & Children’s Place. Dominique is taking over the HPPP, which help people who are being discharged from […]

Thanks for joining our bourbon-tasting contest

Thanks to everyone that came out Tuesday night to the Family & Children’s Place first ever blind bourbon tasting contest. During the event, hosted by Velocity in Jeffersonville, Ind., guests formed teams, providing a bottle of favored bourbon to be blind rated by others, or just showed up to enjoy the tasting opportunity. Everyone had a great time and the top three finishers took home prizes – others’ bourbons – but everyone learned a little more about our work with children and families hurt by abuse. Guests also had the chance to express an interest in joining a committee that […]

The case for investing in early education

Quality early education makes children more successful – and all of us reap the benefits for generations to come. Chuck Denny and Mark Shriver make the case for investment in early education in a Courier-Journal viewpoint. http://tinyurl.com/k4fquhu From the Courier-Journal, May 19: Generations of Kentuckians have improved their lives through education. In recent years, we have found that school success and the foundation for adult productivity depend on an early introduction to learning. All children deserve a strong start. But in far too many communities, children in poverty miss out. Without access to high-quality early learning programs, children fall behind. […]

Sex abuse teaching may help kids report offenders

Teaching young children about sexual abuse significantly increases the chances a child who has been abused will tell an adult, according to a recent study of children from the United States, Canada, China, Germany, Spain, Taiwan and Turkey. Using data from 24 separate trials involving almost 6,000 children, findings showed that among children who did not receive any lessons about sexual abuse, four in 1,000 disclosed some form of sex abuse. Among those who were taught about it at school, the figure went up to 14 disclosures per 1,000. Additionally, children taught about sexual abuse seem better able to deal with […]

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