Tipline provides a place to report bullies

Tipline provides a place to report bullies

Serious appreciation and compliments to Jefferson County Public Schools for creating a tipline where children and parents can report incidents of bullying. With recent reports of students committing suicide in the wake of bullying and the rise of bullying via social media, it’s an appropriate and much needed service. As JCPS Superintendent Dr. Donna Hargens rightly noted, “Children can only focus on learning when they feel safe, cared for, and protected from unacceptable behavior by their classmates.” The tipline, while no guarantee of safety, provides some protections and is a step in the right direction. Reports can be called in […]

PAL Coalition talks with Mayor Fischer about communities

On Dec. 3, youth from the PAL Coalition, along with different youth-led organizations from across the city, came together to talk to Mayor Greg Fischer about a number of problems affecting the city, including: Violence Youth unemployment Policing in the Jefferson County Public School System How Metro Government can help empower youth to care more about their communities How cooperative governing can improve the lives of all youth in the greater Louisville community. Presented by One Love Louisville and the Office of Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods, PAL was pleased to be one of the groups chosen to take part in […]

Alexis, case manager partner for success

Alexis is a single mom with two children, both boys. The family has been in the Shelter Plus Care program, which provides rental assistance for homeless people with disabilities, since 2011. Alexis qualifies because she has several diagnosed disabilities both physical and emotional. She was injured in a car accident several years ago, leaving her with muscular/skeletal injuries that have required surgery and therapy and may require more, but she has continued to work, despite pain and being unable to do all the required tasks of her job in the hospitality/restaurant sector. She has been able to do this by […]

Meyzeek coordinator shares her praise for CLASP

We love hearing from others about our staff, programs and activities. It helps us understand how we are doing, what and where we are doing well or excelling and where we may need to strengthen our efforts, through training, new ideas, programs or policies, or additional services. This 360-degree review is a constant for us, to ensure we continue to provide best in class service to all our clients, whether they are enrolled in HANDS, work with the PAL Coalition, our after-school programs, Family Stabilization or counseling and care for children and families hurt by physical and sexual abuse and […]

House, Senate bills key to greater protection for child victims of abuse

Two bills filed with the Kentucky General Assembly, House Bill 109, sponsored by Rep. Joni Jenkins, and Senate Bill 60, sponsored by Sen. Whitney Westerfield, would provide greater – and much needed – protections for child victims of repeated abuse and deserve speedy passage. Currently, courts in Kentucky require definitive information, such as a specific date, for a jury to determine guilt in at least one specific incidence of child abuse. The challenge is that while young children generally can remember acts or events, they often have trouble remembering the exact date and place the offense occurred. “It is difficult for […]

Gary shows that with help, structure, real gain is possible

Gary is a student transfer from Indiana who enrolled at Meyzeek Middle and in the Collaborative Learning After-School Program (CLASP) in August 2014. He lives with his father, and his father’s live-in girlfriend, who are both recovering addicts. In Gary’s first year at Meyzeek, he received two separate two-week suspensions from school for fighting. In October 2014 during one of the incidents, Gary broke the arm of another student during a physical altercation in. In addition to receiving a two-week suspension, juvenile court officials ordered Gary to serve 200 hours of community service for inflicting the injury. His transition to […]

Well represented at Children’s Advocacy Day

Children’s Advocacy Day, Thursday at the Kentucky Capitol in Frankfort, was a huge draw and huge success, and we at Family & Children’s Place were happy to have been a part of it. Staff from the Development team – JT Henderson, Leah Walker, Micah Jorrisch, Mary Beth Kerekes and Heather Bruner, along with Liz Ferguson, vice president government relations and planning, and Donna Russow, vice president programs, joined lawmakers, constitutional officers, child advocates and professionals from other nonprofits to raise their voices on behalf of children’s safety, health, education and well-being. The 12th annual event was held in the Capitol […]

Delta Dental of Kentucky’s Making Smiles Happen® program donates $100,000 to Family & Children’s Place

The four-year gift by Delta Dental of Kentucky’s charitable initiative will help bring new friends, funds to agency’s work with abused kids LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Jan. 13, 2016 ) – Family & Children’s Place is proud to announce Delta Dental of Kentucky as the presenting sponsor of Caper, the agency’s annual post University of Louisville basketball game party and auction fundraiser, through at least 2019. Delta Dental of Kentucky Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Steve Day presented a check for $100,000 to Family and Children’s Place Tuesday during a tour of the facility. “Delta Dental is the real deal in […]

Human Trafficking Day 2016 – a day to act, not celebrate

Today, Monday, Jan. 11, is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. It’s unlike Valentine’s Day, the Fourth of July, or even Arbor Day. There is nothing to celebrate, just awareness to create and action to take. Globally, 30 million people are trafficked for sex each year. That’s nearly as many people as live in California, and 10 percent, three million of those trafficked are children – 200,000 of them here in the United States. However, sex trafficking isn’t the only crime. There’s also labor trafficking – where people are induced by force, fraud or coercion to perform labor or services. Traffickers […]

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