First child abuse case stemmed from report to Animal Welfare Agency

First child abuse case stemmed from report to Animal Welfare Agency

Protections for children so rare, non-existent it required bizarre intervention From Vintage News This may come as a surprise to many but the first documented case of child abuse which was reported and dealt with in 1874 in the United States was in fact first reported to an animal welfare organization. Not because children were considered animals, but the regulations and resources were so scarce that no government agency thought of this as a serious issue. So one can safely make this argument based on the evidence that animals had welfare rights well before children in the United States. […]

Staff participates in conversation about Black Trauma

Darryl Turpin, co-principal of The Pinwheel Group, which works with black males, 18-29, involved in the criminal justice system, led Family & Children’s Place staff through a Black Trauma discussion Wednesday. Black Trauma is an especially cogent subject in light of violent deaths over the last couple of years of black men and women.   Turpin noted that racism can cause post-traumatic stress disorder, and that it stems not only from incidents over the last 50 years or so, including violence and death during the Civil Rights struggle, but as far back as slavery. Though African-Americans are no longer in bondage, […]

Be the bright light in a child’s Christmas this year

At Family & Children’s Place, our ultimate goal is ensuring better childhoods. We strive to do that by helping children and families that have been hurt by violence and abuse overcome the trauma and heal, recapturing happy, healthy childhood and family moments most of us take for granted. A joyous part of childhood is Christmas – the colors, the music, the excitement, and let’s be honest, the gifts! But not all children have a Christmas to look forward to. Stress, issues within families and finances too often play the Grinch, especially for children and families we serve. Enter Brighter Holidays, […]

Retreat blends friendship, fellowship and fun

Family & Children’s Place staff took a half day Wednesday, Nov. 2, to celebrate friendship, fellowship and a little fun. The retreat, which began at the St. Matthews Community Center and ended at Ten Pins Bowling Lanes, was a chance for everyone to come together in one place at one time to celebrate another amazing year of helping children and families. The event – organized by Wellness Committee members Katie Sutton, Jenifer Seas, Heather Bruner, Mary Forsee, Therese Baker, Tomy Molloy, Donna Russell, and aided by Barb McTeague, Leah Walker and others, included an ice breaker led by Jo Cruz. […]

Give children the brightest, best Christmas possible

Children and families who come to Family & Children’s Place face issues most of us can’t begin to comprehend. Abuse – sexual, physical, emotional, neglect, violence in the home, problems in school and at home, financial challenges that threaten safety and security leaving little hope for a Merry Christmas. You can give them the holiday they deserve by participating in our Brighter Holidays program. Sign on to be a sponsor and you will be matched with a child and given their specific information – name, age, gender, needs, clothing sizes, and a list of interests. By buying gifts for children […]

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