About Us

Family & Children’s Place turns hurt into hope for children and families impacted by abuse and neglect. Since 1883, we have been building stronger families in Louisville and Southern Indiana.

Our mission is to protect and heal children and families. Our vision is happy, healthy children and families…free from abuse.

We prevent abuse and neglect by empowering hundreds of parents to create healthy, safe, and nurturing environments for their children. We also work within local elementary and middle schools to guide students in making decisions that improve their physical, psychological, academic, and relational health.

We stop abuse and neglect at our world-class child advocacy centers. Our staff are front-line responders to more than 1,100 casesof suspected child abuse and neglect each year. In fact, we are the only organization that coordinates the efforts of child protection staff, law enforcement officials, medical professionals, prosecutors, and mental health clinicians –all under one roof. We do it all with the utmost care and compassion.

We heal abuse and neglect through counseling services to nearly 1,000 families impacted by trauma. Our staff consists of licensed clinicians who use evidence-based interventions to reignite hope where it once was lost.

Our Partners

Family & Children’s Place is a proud member of ImpactV, a shared services group that provides finance/accounting, operations, and other behind-the-scenes support to nonprofits. Learn more about joining ImpactV!

Our Values

  • Empowerment | We empower the people who use our services and position them to thrive. Our employees are our most valued asset and have what they need to succeed.
  • Integrity | Our clients and the community trust us.
  • Excellence | Our highly-trained employees deliver superior, proven, and effective services.
  • Diversity | We celebrate differences and welcome everyone. We support and encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion in our work.
  • Accountability | We are excellent stewards of precious resources and we are accountable to our clients, employees, board, and community.

Our Focus Areas

  • Impact | We build stronger individuals and families, helping them reach their fullest potential. We offer prevention, intervention, and restoration services in Louisville and Southern Indiana. Our services use proven and effective approaches to minimize trauma in all its forms. Our mission-driven employees provide the highest quality of service while managing our constraints effectively.
  • Sustainability | We secure the resources needed to deliver and sustain our services. We achieve fundraising targets and proactively influence public policy.
  • Awareness | We lead efforts to inform our community about the prevalence of child abuse and family violence and how we protect and heal families. The community and key external partners are informed about our impact on children and families. We clearly communicate with our board and employees. We leverage our reputation of excellence to collaborate with broad stakeholders.
  • Diversity | Our culture has been shaped by thought leadership in equity, diversity, and inclusion. Our leadership and employees reflect the demographics of the community we serve. Our high-performing workforce enables us to attract and retain employees from underrepresented backgrounds. We include the community we serve in decision making and service improvement.