Our History

Family & Children’s Place is the newest name for our organization which has provided support for families for over 127 years. 

Initially, we were the first agency to organize widespread efforts to provide coal to keep homes warm, food to keep children fed, and a facility to shelter families who had none.  As time has passed, we have evolved to respond to contemporary families in crisis.    

During the past 30 years, a noticeable increase in the incidence of reported child abuse and neglect has occurred and we have been called on to provide help that changes the lives of families for the better.

Most recently, Family & Children First and Family Place joined forces to better help children and families affected by abuse, neglect and violence.  With over 155 years of total combined experience and expertise in prevention, intervention and treatment, families and children in our region now have access to comprehensive, seamless support as they face serious challenges. 

While our name has changed, our Mission is constant – to strengthen our community through research based services that heal the trauma of abuse, violence and neglect and promote safe, healthy and stable families. Today, we educate families to prevent abuse, respond to children on the very day abuse comes to light, treat victims to reduce damage to their lives, and take steps to protect children from further maltreatment.

Above all else, we know that the cycle of abuse can be ended. Instead of the pain, memories and behavior spawned by being hurt – once or chronically – there are many points at which parents and children can get help. We have created an array of services to prevent, end and treat the problems.

Every day we help children who have been abused or neglected and families that have survived family violence – which reflects our vision for a community where children and families are free from violence, abuse and neglect.  Family & Children’s Place continues to exist because of people like you care. We invite you to continue to help make the future brighter for our children and families.