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A Community Free of Child Abuse, Neglect & Violence


The Facts:

One in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused before they are 18 years old.  The abuse will most likely be at the hands of someone they know.

We, at Family & Children’s Place, have made the commitment to serve as a national model to advocate for child victims and their families affected by abuse, neglect, and violence. Transforming the care that our children and families receive through our services will not only impact this community, but our region and state as a whole.

For more information about this vital effort for our children, please call (502)893-3900 x269.


At age seven, Alisha, a normally happy child with an engaging smile, had begun to behave differently.  Her grades were slipping at school and she was having behavior problems at home as well.  Acting out was the only way she was able to express her feelings of what had been secretly happening to her.  Her mother began to ask questions and Alisha was able to tell her secret – “Daddy Mike”, her step-father, had been molesting her.

After the abuse came to light, Alisha received help at the CAC.  First, Alisha spoke with Becky, a Forensic Interviewer, who made Alisha feel safe enough to tell about the things that Daddy Mike was doing.  Becky let Alisha tell the story of what happened, and she asked just enough questions to let Alisha know that she was concerned and wanted to hear even the bad parts.  There were crayons and papers with outlines of people, so Alisha could point to the body parts that Daddy Mike touched.

Next, Alisha and her mother went to meet with John, a Counselor, and spent a lot of time talking about their feelings.  Alisha learned that the bad things Daddy Mike did were not her fault, and that she was not in trouble.  Alisha also learned that these things happen to other kids, too, so she was not alone.  John spent time talking to Alisha’s mother about ways to keep Alisha safe, and to help her when she doesn’t know what to do with her feelings.  Alisha’s mother was very relieved when she heard that Alisha would not have to tell her story again, and that Alisha wouldn’t even have to go to court.

Finally, Alisha met with Dr. Morris, who gave her a complete check-up from head to toe.  Dr. Morris told Alisha and her mother that Alisha’s body was okay, and this made Alisha’s mother feel a lot better.  Alisha and her family began their healing process at the CAC and will participate in ongoing therapies to recover as completely as possible.