Legacy Giving

Ways to make your legacy last…

Bequest or Living Trust – This is a simple way to leave your legacy. A simple designation in your will costs nothing and is easy to revoke should your situation change. A Living Trust allows you to avoid probate; you need only name Family & Children’s Place as a beneficiary. Bequest language.

Personal Property – Transferring a real estate title shifts the burden of property taxes and management and it won’t affect your “disposable” funds. Life Estate Deeds allow you to use the property for the remainder of your lifetime and save on your taxes with a current deduction. Art or other assets can also reduce estate taxes for your beneficiaries and allow others to appreciate your special holdings.

Retirement Assets or IRA Gifts – Retirement funds paid to your children at your passing can get hit with income and estate taxes, but are tax-free to Family & Children’s Place.  Funds left to your children may be hit with income and estate taxes of 70 percent or more.

Charitable Remainder Trust – This is a great tool for selling assets tax-free and receiving income for life; the remaining assets come to Family & Children’s Place. It provides a steady cash flow and can be more beneficial than keeping an asset or selling it outright.

Charitable Lead Trust – You greatly reduce or avoid estate tax on trust assets passing to family, if some trust income goes to Family & Children’s Place for a few years. The trust provides generous estate and gift tax deductions for wealth transferred to family at a more mature age.

Life Insurance – Donate a policy and deduct future premium payments, or just name Family & Children’s Place as the policy beneficiary. This is an inexpensive way to make a lasting gift.

Please contact our Senior Vice President of External Affairs, Leah Walker, at lwalker@famchildplace.org, to explore how your legacy will make an impact, now and in the future.

Please consult your legal counsel, estate planner, or financial or tax advisor before committing to any Legacy Gift.

If you are ready to make your legacy gift now, click here. Please print and complete the form and mail it to Leah Walker, 525 Zane St., Louisville, Ky. 40203.

All inquiries and information concerning your gift are treated with full confidentiality and strictly protected by Family & Children’s Place unless you specifically authorize otherwise by your signature.