Slot Games Addiction Treatment


Great news for those who deal with gambling addiction. Recent studies shows that an alternative method of treatment is working with a high rate of success.

Instead of trying to stop an gamling addicted person, the psychotherapy community is giving the pacients a small bite of what they want. Using, a platform with free slot games, 33% of subjects have already shown improvements and 15% of them are already considered 100% cured of gambling addiction.

Richard Downing from Texas, a former pacient, told us his entire story about this addiction.  

“I was an addict for about 7 years. I used to play at slot machines all of my money. My wife was gone after 3 years. I lost my child, my house, my car. If i didn’t started the treatment probably right now I’ll be homeless. Instead of playing games Sizzling Hot in casinos I started to play it online. I don’t know how it worked, but right now when I want to spin the reels I’m going to the website (editor note: Here you can find and play Sizzling Hot Online), and play it for an hour for free. I must say it, it’s a good solution for people like me.”

Gambling addiction is considered a real problem. If you experience something like that ask your family for help