From Meyzeek Middle School parents and staff about the CLASP program:

“Parent CLASP (Community, Leadership, Action and Service Project) is an amazing program. They have a sense of family I have never experienced in a program. It really helps to build the families up around them.”

“We are so grateful our son had the opportunity to be part of the CLASP program, and don’t know what we would have done without it.”

“I love the staff and program! I am glad my children joined!”

“The CLASP staff has always give the extra mile to help the student and family. Having them here is such an asset, and not having them would truly lead to some students’ demise. We need more programs like CLASP. It lets the students and families know there is someone listening and caring.”

CLASP was instrumental in helping my son integrate into grade school. He was having a rough go of it until CLASP.”

I believe the workers of this program have gone above and beyond with my child. From mentoring to attending teacher meetings, it’s a great program and people.”

“This program is outstanding! I am happy my children are able to participate.”

“The program has helped my child talk to his teachers when he has a problem. He is less shy and more outgoing.”

Being a single mom of six is tough, so this program has given my child and me the ability to have our own topics to discuss. It has given us the ability to have some one on one time, which has been great!”

On other programs and services:

“Staff does a very good job working with law enforcement. Interviewers are outstanding and easy to work with. I would give the total staff a letter grade of A.”
— Metro Louisville Crimes Against Children Unit police officer about Kosair Charities Child Advocacy Center

“I am just glad you could help me and my child.”
— A mother, about the Kosair Charities Child Advocacy Center

“I believe that Family & Children’s Place has done a remarkable job with my child. I can’t thank you enough.”
— A mother, about Child & Family Services

“Child & Family Services has brought me and my daughter a very long way in three years. Thank you.”
— A mother

“Family & Children’s Place has helped my daughter, and I am thankful for that.”
— A mother

“Thank you! God bless this program! I love my home!”
— A Family Stabilization Program client

“Everything I need, they have given me. This is a blessing from God.”
— A Family Stabilization Program client

“The program has made me much more appreciative of my children and I have made friendships that will be lifelong friendships.”
— A Family & School Services mother

“Wicked awesome, dude!”
— A Family & School Services program student

“This is our second time doing the program and we absolutely love it. Staff are more like family.”
— A Family and School Services family

“My child has grown up socially and matured since she started in the program, and her school work has improved.”
— A Family & School Services parent

“I absolutely love this program and all of the staff. They have made a difference in my son’s education. My son is in special education and is having trouble this year. It has been wonderful having a liaison between myself and the teachers and school.”
— A Family & School Services parent

“Awesome program.”
— A Family & School Services parent

“I really appreciate what this program offers. Being a first-time parent is stressful, but this program helps to reduce the stress.”
— A HANDS participant